PIG - Beyond The Usual


Owned by the Tum Yeto distribution company, Pig is a sister company of Toy Machine, Foundation, Ruckus Metal, and Death Box.

Pig was founded by professional skateboarder Tod Swank in 1989. They thrive on creating innovative skateboard products and supporting the global skateboard culture. Pig skateboard wheels are made from their superior urethane formula, and are designed to ride smoothly on any terrain.

Their wheels have a unique variety of designs and graphics that are perfect for all skateboarding styles. If you’re looking for the right bearings, Pig has a style for every skill level.

Pig skateboard bearings are available in ABEC 3, 5, and 7. Their ABEC 3 rated bearings have dent-resistant shields, and are great for new skaters. Pig ABEC 5 rated bearings provide added strength and speed. Their ABEC 7 rated bearings provide the most stability and speed for professional riders. Pig also makes ceramic bearings, which have the longest life span and are corrosion-resistant. 

Fine tune and adjust your skateboard with ease using Pig skateboard tools. This tri-socket gadget features a combination of various tools in one with three sockets sizes and a self aligning axle threader

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